Sunday, November 27, 2016

Assignment #6 Steve Jobs’ Talk

Steve Jobs’ Talk :

good words/sentences
1.renaissance(n.) 新生;復活
2.dauntless (adj.) 無畏的
3.Diagnosis(n.) 診斷
4.Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.
5.Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish 求知若渴;大智若愚

I very like the 3 life stories Steve Jobs told us in the commencement address.
He is telling us,You can not pre-bit by bit to link up, only in the future review, you will understand how those bits and pieces are strung together. So you have to believe that, in front of all you experience, how many will be linked together in the future.
So do not be afraid of the unknown future, bold to him to break down, which is to regret life.

And love what you do, do what you love, time to bet down, you will flush, you can die without regret. And when you work hard for loved ones, you are also creating bits and pieces of your life.
In short, do what you love to do, even if hindered, you can continue to love go on, and once again make good grades.

Finally, your time is limited, so do not waste time living in someone else's life. Do not let the opinions of others drown out your inner voice. Most importantly, with the courage to follow your own heart and intuition, your heart and intuition know how much you really want to become what kind of person, any other things are secondary.
Every day when the last day of life, although it sounds strange, but life is very fragile, so we should strive to do even if accidentally died, but also "death without regret.

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